Country Garden

This garden on the Atherton Tablelands is set on farmland that borders a unique area of rainforest on the Johnstone river in the cooler Southern tablelands where rainfall can often reach up to 3 metres a year in the tropical monsoon season. The soil is rich, deep and volcanic, well-drained and there are mild frosts in winter. The 8 acre property needs areas set aside for horses and normal family life but dominant landscape features are the native rainforest borders which provide a corridor for the resident Lumholtz tree-kangaroo family to wander around the area for breeding.

Unique flora such as the Johnstone River Lillypilly (Syzygium cormiflorum) line the river banks and the planted borders contain a large collection of endemic and interesting native species interspersed with exotics for seasonal colour. Careful attention needs to be paid to make sure nothing that could become a potential weed is used in the garden. With a slightly deep acidic soil there is plenty of opportunity to use subtropical and cooler climate species in this landscape such as Camellias and roses. The formal planting design works well with the softer textures of the local species.