Malanda Falls and Riverine Precinct

Masterplans form an important part of any landscape designer’s portfolio. Plans for projects such as the Malanda Falls Masterplan are produced as a forward planning tool for various community groups.

This plan was funded by a grant organised by Tropical Tableland Tourism, aided by the Tablelands Regional Council and receives a great deal of community support and input. It has been passed on to Malanda Chamber of Commerce whose Riverine Subcommittee are using it as tool to raise funds to develop further access to the river and revegetate and extend the areas of rainforest that are inhabited by the tree kangaroo. Other ideas such as the viewing platform will be implemented once funds become available.

The plans are now available for the local community to use as they wish. Different groups develop their own areas of interest and I become involved only as needed. If required, more detailed working drawings can be completed. Many projects of this type are being developed over a long period of time such as the Millaa Milla Falls upgrade and local town beautification schemes and it is rewarding to watch the area slowly developing along a coherent scheme and becoming more useful to locals and tourists.