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Southern Cairns Garden

Located on the Southern side of Cairns, this garden was designed using tropical plants to provide reliable year-round colour and texture and create privacy within the landscape. The entry courtyard contains a small pond with a permanently running water feature and an attractive black aluminium gate provides glimpse though another paved and gravel courtyard onto an upper lawn level where Heliconias, Frangipanis, Costus and baby Gardenias blend with the owner’s collection of Moon Flowers and Angel’s Trumpets. Paths lead from this lawn to the pool area behind the house and the garden is always full of birds and lizards.

This landscape design appears deceptively simple – each courtyard which is individually themed leads one on a journey through to a new area. Dense layers of planting provide contrast in colour, texture and privacy. There is always something in flower. This is a small oasis in the busy subdivision of the Cairns foothills. The access to supportive and professional landscape contractors (Terry McGuire and team) made this garden construction a pleasure for everyone and I enjoy visiting this garden and its delightful owners to check on progress when I am in the area.