Who needs a web site?

Me it seems. Gone are the days of sending everyone endless photos of projects to see what I do. At last my infant website is live. Thanks to the very patient Maria Pesavento for persisting with my constant editing and for keeping me going with it when I just kept thinking that things weren’t good enough or could always be better. I couldn’t recommend Maria’s blend of friendly encouragement and discipline when I’m slacking off highly enough. She gave me space to design what I wanted and always came up with the goods – often improving on my ideas.

And to my really lovely customers who have worked with me over the past years and delivered gardens as good as or better than I had in my imagination and on the plans (and recommended me to their friends)… and to contractors like Terry McGuire and Tony who have faithfully followed the sometimes very complex instructions and often done far more than was expected…and the architects, building designers and engineers who keep recommending me for all these projects and to my lovely family for their constant encouragement and photos…and those of you whose projects I haven’t yet started or am still completing THANK YOU (and that’s the last of the gooey bits – back to the real me now).
Suzan Quigg website

One thought on “Who needs a web site?

  1. Maria Pesavenato

    Thanks for your kind words, Suzan. You’ve been a pleasure to work with, I so admire your attention to detail. The beaut photos on this site inspired me to leave the desk for a while and do some badly needed weeding!


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